A Closer look on Remodel your current Home vs. building a new custom Home

A Closer look on Remodel your current Home vs. building a new custom Home

To create or not to create, that is the issue. Homeowners also ask us if we think they should renovate their current home, or create a new one. Of course, the answer depends on your particular situation, how far away your dream is from your actual home, how you feel about your current place, and what your strategic goals and plans are either way. The main thing is to consider what is provided by each path.


Renovation and new construction both have benefits. Too much depends on your budget, the type of home you want, and other reasons. It’s also up to you to choose.


Let’s look at what you can expect from the renovation and new construction, learn about each of the advantages and disadvantages, and the different decisions you need to make before choosing which one to choose.

Renovation and Current Construction – A review

The word “new construction” is very clear. The house is being built and planned from the ground up. All is installed and new. For different reasons, renovation is the word used when you want to make improvements to an existing structure.


New Construction

You and your team (architect, builder, and design professional) work closely when you decide to create a custom home to make choices about every feature of your new home, from the architectural design to how it will be located on your lot to what kind of finishes will be used throughout.



Renovation means making improvements to your current house. From a single-room remodel to a full interior trashing, a home renovation can cover anywhere. In the final product, you still have a lot of influence, but your expectations must fit a room that is already created.

The Benefits of Renovating

  • You keep a house in which you have lived for years, full of memories.
  • A renovated home will, to a degree, change the time to its age.
  • You do not need to move temporarily for a simple renovation.
  • Updates will make your existing home more energy-efficient and good for the environment.


Considerations for Renovation

You need to understand as much as possible about the house as it stands before you start making any changes to an actual house.


For example: 


  • Is the house in a position that makes renovating useful?
  • To keep your overall home value at a resalable amount, what budget should you remain within?
  • Do you have access to the existing building plans for your home?
  • Try to find out if any renovations were made in the past, what they were, and why they were completed if you are renovating a historical building.
  • Are there any harmful materials in any part of the home that could prevent removal or construction?

The Benefits of New Building

It takes a lot of decisions and preparation to build a new custom house, but a brand new house has advantages.


  • It’s custom-made and under warranty. Your repairs and maintenance should be limited.
  • You can use recycled materials and build an environmentally friendly home.
  • New technologies can be expected, such as extending the electric structure to enable the devices of today.
  • In architecture, you have more choices. You don’t need to try to fit into an existing layout or structure with your ideas.
  • You can select the style that works with your particular project and a floor plan.


Considerations for New Building

You may be moving because you want to relocate to another location, or you may have wanted to take down an existing structure to create a new one. Consult a custom builder and start by discussing where you expect to build the site.


  • What are the rules for local buildings?
  • What are the environment and the weather like? To resist extreme temperature changes or the possibility of high winds and hail, do you need to build? Are you simple with heavy rainfall?
  • How will your plans and base architecture impact the soil?
  • In the neighborhood, are there limitations, such as following a particular building style, type of roof, or colors?
  • What is the availability of different contract material costs?

Comparing Renovation Vs New Building

The decision to renovate or create new ones depends on individual variables that vary for each individual and situation.


  • A layout and the floor plan are easier to decide with new construction; renovation reduces the changes.
  • New construction vs. restoration timelines change. You should expect no weather delays if your renovation project is completely internal. Until it is enclosed and weather-proofed, the weather may get in the way of building a new house.
  • The cost difference depends on the scale of the renovation you are planning; however, there is always the risk that unforeseen outcomes will lead to an increase in costs. Asbestos, rotted wood, or an electrical or plumbing system that does not meet the code will not be hidden in a new house.

You are helped to make your final decision by your wants, condition, and budget. Owning an existing home you enjoy will make it the perfect option to renovate. The desire for a home that is designed according to your wishes will drive the decision towards a new house.


Please feel free to reach out to our team if you need guidance considering your options. To support, we’re still here!

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